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"I was being moved by sound. My whole body was light and vibrating..." - Vancouver Yoga Review

In a confused world where anxiety and cynicism run high, Matthew Kocel’s music feels like a reassuring sigh of relief that everything is going to be OK.

Drawing on diverse influences from Led Zepplin to Tibetan Monks, Pink Floyd to Mongolian throat singers, Matthew’s music defies labels yet feels deeply familiar on a visceral, even cellular level.

He is a member of the Sound Healing Initiative Committee under the Global Wellness Institute.



From Matthew:

I'm a lifelong traveler...

Conceived in New Jersey and born in Alaska.

By the age of 10, I had crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice by ship, traveled throughout western Europe, lived in France, Germany and Virginia, before my family settled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

The transcendent qualities of music helped save me from total implosion in my youth. As a young man I played bass and sang in rock & progressive rock bands for 15 years...desperately seeking to recreate & share those transcendent moments I had experienced through music.

In 1989 something magical happened the first time I stepped into a metaphysical store...  I heard a sound that would change my life forever: a recording of the Gyuto monks from Tibet. For the next 10 years I tried, unsuccessfully, to mimic their deep voice overtone chants.

In 1994 I found a crystal on a mountaintop in South Park, Colorado.

It was as if the ground shifted beneath my feet.

I was immediately laid off from my job. Two months later my beloved band broke up.

At this point I totally gave up on music.

In 1997 I began leading guided meditation circles in my home in Denver, Colorado. As more and more people began to take part, many reported having extraordinary experiences during the sessions.

With a hearty 'OM', I began using vocal harmonics to transmit the energies I was experiencing through meditation.

Through meditation and healing arts, music came back to me.

Eventually I was able to recreate the Tibetan style deep overtone voice. It cracked me wide open, revealing a whole new dimension of healing sound and music.

These songs and music are coming through now, in these chaotic times to help us re-member our total connection to each other and All That Is.

This is how our paths have crossed today.