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The Ultimate Energy Experience

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Wisteria Acres, 8648 Armstrong Rd, Langley, BC V1M 2R3

Breathwork - Sound Healing - Energy Cultivation

"25 years experience in yoga, meditation, energy healing and massage and I have have NEVER felt energy like this before..."

A note from Matthew:

"The Breath Empowerment alone is one of the most intensely powerful energy healing practices I have ever found. As in my sound healing journeys, this sacred practice routinely produces a profound experience for anyone willing to sincerely try it.

It is one of the few physical exercises you can do that increases your body's alkalinity; this is extremely healing as massive amounts of energy enter your body and create an engine-like vibration."

The Breath Empowerment is done lying down on a yoga mat and no prior experience is necessary.

Matthew will be right there to guide you through the process and prepare you for the next phase of the adventure - a transformational healing sound journey. The frequencies Matthew channels through his voice and intention crerate a sonic environment that dissolves the boundaries of space/time.

Energy flows and insights emerge.

You will then learn and practice simple, profound Qigong movements that create a thick magnetic field for strength, grounding and healing.

A note from Matthew:

"These practices have helped me through the toughest of times, and continue to fuel my energy and vitality as I continue a rigorous schedule of performances, workshops and travel.

I am thrilled to share them with you... Besides, it's super fun!"

No experience necessary.

Space is strictly limited. Prepaid registration is required to attend.

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes you can move in.

Bring a yoga mat or cushion to lie down on.

** To save on eventbrite fees etransfer $52.50 (incl GST) to matthewkocel@gmail.com